• Dylan Clements - Experienced Travel Planner

Launching: Homes & Villas by Marriott International

In May 2019, Marriott launched ‘Homes & Villas by Marriott International’, a curated selection of premium and luxury rental homes professionally managed by a select group of full-service home management companies.

I am pleased to announce that our host agency, Travel Leaders has been chosen to be one of the first travel agencies to be able to offer our clients properties from this program.

I've always been a fan of staying in a home or villa when traveling as it brings you closer to the culture and the day to day life of the destination. For example, strolling down to the local market, buying ingredients then being able to whip up a local dish in your very own kitchen.

There are 700 premium & luxury homes & villas on the program – explore private beach villas, countryside cabins, and urban residences in 100+ destinations. A lot of these are in areas where Marriott does not have hotels already, including Saint-Tropez, France; Lake Como, Italy; and Gstaad, Switzerland. Most importantly you can earn and redeem Bonvoy points and status on these properties. As a travel agent, Marriott allows travel agents to be involved in the redemption process.

One fact that I liked about Marriott Home & Villas is that only 1% of property applications get approved – this means you are assured of a high-quality standard. Cleaning of the villas is done professionally which contributes to the standards that you have come to expect of Marriott over the years. High-speed Wi-Fi, premium linens and amenities, and family-friendly conveniences upon request.

Staffing packages can also be arranged such as professional cooks, butlers, and other house staff. Little things such as grocery stocking, rental car delivery, and so on can be organized before arrival.

Clients are telling me that cancellation conditions are important – most properties have a 10-day cancellation policy so you can book with confidence.

With properties in 100+ destinations, there is sure to be something to suit everyone. Get in touch with me today to discuss.