Clements Travel launched in 2019 and has quickly grown in leaps and bounds in the service we offer to our clients who are based all over the world. 


In the first 10 months of operating the business turned over two million dollars worth of bookings.  We also got invited to a luxury hotel convention in San Diego as a guest of Select Experiences - one of the leading accommodation membership platforms in the world.  The bookings that contributed to this success were generated purely from word of mouth due to our strong value and, service offering - no request is too small, big (or strange!).


We go above and beyond on our bookings.  We push for upgrades and value-added benefits whenever possible.  The hotel or resort is always emailed 24 hours before arrival to make sure everything is in order and a well-appointed room is allocated.

Using our wide range of accommodation, tour, and cruise partners, we craft unique itineraries for those seeking something extraordinary, unique, and memorable.

​So, if you’re in search of impeccable service, fantastic products, and a truly accessible agency, then you need not look any further.



Starting his career in which saw him manage an extremely busy high-street travel agency.  From here he went on to organize the demanding travel schedules for the Global Executive Committee of one of New York's biggest financial companies. 


The work at this finance company made him get noticed and he was ended up working doing travel in the entertainment industry for A-list celebrities in the music and movie industry.


Maybe the most exciting part of his career was working with NBC News, sending its reporters to far-flung corners of the globe, usually under tight deadlines in order to make breaking news deadlines.

From 2009 - 2010 he also contributors for the Guardian newspaper in which he answered readers' travel questions.

Clements Travel was founded in 2019 in order to provide clients' travel experience outside the box and provide them something unique while giving the best service possible.


As well as assisting people with leisure travel he has recently taken a strong interest in providing a customized solution to the esports community.